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Pray for the Spread of the Gospel

We read that the early christians "continued steadfastly… in prayers." (Acts 2:42)

Pray for a specific individual
Perhaps a person you know well, or even someone you have just met today. We know so many who still need God’s salvation. Pray earnestly for their soul, that God will deal with them as he has with us. We probably little realize how many prayed for us.

Pray for a missionary or evangelist
Many men and women have left family and friend behind to go forth and preach the message of God’s salvation. They need our prayers as they face difficulties we may never experience. Pray regularly for them by name, asking God to meet their specific needs.

Pray for an area of need
It may be a country far away, or a little town nearby. Remember the multitudes in need, many of whom don’t have the privilege of hearing the gospel message preached. Ask God to raise up those to go among them and present Christ as Saviour.

Pray for a specific work
It may be that your first encounter with the gospel was someone preaching or handing out papers on a street corner. Ask God’s continued blessing of this work. Pray that the many Bibles and New Testaments handed out will be read and used of God. Remember the texts and pamphlets given door to door. Seek God’s blessing for the gospel being presented on the Internet.



"The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much."

James 5:16